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Please confirm your participation in the Online Ottawa Sale by paying your $15 registration fee. Link to pay online coming soon!

The better prepared you are, the easier it will be for you to add your items into your inventory. Let our 13+ years experience work for you – Trust our easy steps for smooth sailing…



As you wash your kids clothes… have a SELL basket. Place all items they’ve outgrown into this basket! Check under beds, dig through toy boxes and definitely clean out your basement and garage for BIG (kitchens, train sets, climbers) or high ticket outdoor items that are collecting dust.

  • Momma Beware:  Once you start your “gathering” process … what was once old, boring and collecting dust… will become new again (for 5 minutes) to your child. It’s Law of Average – You start to clean and they are right behind you undoing it. Let them play and keep the item if they are into it for longer than a day.   If not, scoop it up, enter it and put it out of sight


The business has changed - all our lives have been forced to change since March 2020! With an online sale… venue space is no longer an issue. What this means if we have opened up NEW CATEGORIES that we never before dreamed possible. This spring we will be testing them because even though space is not an issue… it does have to be worth your while. Here are some areas beyond just kid’s stuff that you can clean out and CA$H with this spring;

  • JUST FOR MOM: Home Décor (Huge Seller!), Women’s clothing and accessories
  • JUST FOR DAD: Tools and home Improvement (Yeah!), Men’s clothing
  • SPORTS & RECREATION: All seasons accepted from exercise equipment, sporting stuff and camping gear!
  • BOOKS: Adult books including cookbooks


  • Sell/Wash/Clean Pile: Items are in like-new condition cause your kids are growing sooo fast! Wash/dry and inspect all clothing again for stains. Check all other items to ensure they are safe, complete with all pieces, work properly and that your battery operated items have batteries

  • Give to Friends Pile or Donate:  Clothing items that are in good condition with lots of life left but you’ve noticed some small stains or noticeable wear. Everything Else – items missing pieces but still have some play left in them

  • Donate Responsibly: Donate and drop at VV! Don’t drop at those community boxes cause most of this stuff ends up in our landfills. VV will sell it (billion $ company built on donate pretence).   Best chance for your well loved and end of life (stains, holes/rips) stuff to be recycled

  • Toss: Items on recall, safety issues or out of date (think cribs/car seats) or older than you are… unless its collectible and vintage… then you may be able to sell it. Never ever try to sell or giveaway anything that may be a hazard to a child… ever! When in doubt, toss it out!


  • Bags, Marker, Scissors and Masking and Packing Tape. Not all items will need to be bagged – for example… BIG items or a big/fluffy winter coat or snowsuit
  • Glass of Wine, Cup of Tea or Whatever Makes You Smile – Just kidding or are we LoL?!?
  • A System That Works for YOU so your entered items are organized and ready for your to drop off cause they ALL sold after the sale


As always… please… ONLY consign your BEST! OutGROW OutPLAY’s Online Sale is not a garage sale or a free for all like selling in Facebook groups or in Marketplace! OGOP's high quality + cleanliness standards are in effect! 

ONLY CONSIGN YOUR BEST!  Clean, spotless and freshly laundered. No smells, No pet hair period, no stains or rips. All buttons need to snap and zippers zip. All pieces included and must work properly - battery operated items must work and have batteries. It's soooo important YOU double check every single item you plan to consign and ONLY sell like-new items with little to no visible wear!

If your items are not in like-new condition, clean/spotless, safe, works properly and has all pieces… then consigning with OGOP is not for you. 

Please think carefully before you consign your items to avoid wasting your time with items not being sold

  • Double check ALL clothing items to ensure your items are in like-new condition with no stains, rips, pet hair or any smells. Clothing items must be freshly laundered, folded and bagged with your hand written tag info clearly displayed on the outside of the bag

  • All non-clothing items must be in perfect working condition, complete with all pieces and battery operated items have working batteries. Items with multiple pieces must be securely attached to main item. All items have been thoroughly sanitized, cleaned and are free of any dirt, grime or dust. All items to big to bag must have your handwritten tag info (consignor and item #), big and bold clearly attached to each item or bundle

  • Carefully inspect all your items– any item with a small defect that can still be sold must be noted in your description. It’s your responsibility to make sure no items are defective, broken or damaged in any way. Last thing you want is to sell an item that could or would cause any injury to another!


  1. CLOTHING that has NOT been freshly laundered… it smells! Clothing that has pet hair, stains (even small ones!), rips, broken zippers/snaps, missing buttons. Clothing that is well worn with piling… if you can see and feel the piling… its to well worn

  1. CLOTHING that has been misrepresented – a bundle sold and marked a size but includes smaller/larger sizes in the bundle. Never do this – ONLY bundle exact same size items!

  1. EVERYTHING ELSE that has not been sanitized nor cleaned spotless – every piece of the item including under seats, in the cracks - cannot be dirty or dusty whatsoever! Everything else that is missing ANY pieces, is broken or damaged, is unsafe or requires batteries but does not have them. Books have that writing in them, games/puzzles are missing pieces. Outdoor wagons have crooked wheels or a slide has water in it.

These examples are common sense. When in doubt, place items to the side and give to charity, family/friends or if unsafe… throw it out!

What happens if I consign poor quality items and they are sold to a shopper?

Quality like-new items are even more important for your Online Sale! Shoppers cannot check for stains, cleanliness etc while shopping online. Your items are your responsibility.

ANY items disputed by a shopper because of quality or misrepresentation will be subject to our Refund and or Quality fee policy outlined in your Consignor Agreement.

If OGOP at their sole discretion determines a SOLD item was of poor quality or misrepresented, OGOP may adjust the price or completely refund the item or bundle in question the shopper purchased. To discourage the selling of poor quality items, the following OGOP Refund and Quality Fees will be implemented and deducted from a Consignor cheque;

REFUND FEE: 100% refunded to the shopper PLUS $15 per tag deducted from a Consignors cheque. If an item or bundle is refunded by OGOP in its entirety, you will lose those items and the entire sale! Unfortunately, these items will not be returned to you

QUALITY FEE: A reasonable % or $ amount to be determined by OGOP PLUS $5 per tag deducted a Consignors cheque

Any Refund/Quality fees added will be deducted from your cheque. Please… ONLY consign your best! 

When in doubt… ask for advice in your Facebook Sellers ONLY group. Good News… out of 1300 shopper orders in October 2020… less than 1% of total sales volume were refunded or adjustments to pricing were made. 

Clothing – Relaxed Seasonal Guide! Short Sleeve Tops and Onsies in the Winter and Long Sleeves in the Summer: It’s an Online Sale... so we’ve room for more items obviously. We’ve relaxed our seasonal guide to squash the never-ending battle of short sleeve tops and onsies in the fall and long sleeves in the summer.

Everything else... You MUST follow our seasonal guideline please - these guide can be found in your consignor account when you login to consignors corner... under 'HOW TO INFO" tab!




All are a great resource to help you get ready to sell all your items


  • Summer clothing like sandals, shorts, tanks, strap dresses
  • Save 100% summer items like lightweight jersey dresses/PJ’s and summer themed items for the Spring 2021 Sale where you'll earn more and sell for TOP $$$. Nobody wants to buy that stuff mid to late October


  • Winter themed clothing – any! Halloween costumes
  • Snowsuits, snow boots, mittens, scarfs, winter jackets
  • Sleds - yeah... no one will buy them

Save 100% seasonal items for the proper season where you'll sell for TOP $$$


ALL items MUST be clean, spotless, have all pieces, work properly, be safe + not on recall. Battery operated items MUST work and have batteries


  • Our Best Advice to Price… GOOGLE it!!! We’ve done our best to list as many items as possible in our EVERYTHING ELSE GUIDE… but cannot list every single item! If you are still unsure how to price a particular item, post a picture here... in our Online Drop-Off Group asking for advice.

  • NEVER price more than 50% of retail unless the item is HOT/HOT/HOT: for example: brand-new outdoor toys or ones with no visible wear, like-new baby gear, BUNKBEDS, awesome home décor etc!

  • All Items Must Be Clean/Sanitized/Spotless, on top, underneath, in seams and crevices – No goobers, crumbs, dirt or marker/crayon designs!

  • Must be in excellent Like New & Working Condition and with ALL PIECES! For example, NO little people set without the little people or a race track set without the cars

  • All Battery Operated items must work and Have Batteries. Please make sure they work properly and please CHECK YOUR BATTERIES to make sure they have not leaked! Super important cause we ill issue a refund if a shopper send a pic of nasty batteries leaking in an item!

  • Price - Low: Items that you are happy to get out of the house and don’t want them back - Items that are not in perfect condition with some obvious signs of gentle wear

  • Price – Sweet Spot: We’ve been doing this a long time and are very aware of what items will sell for. There is NOTHING worse than after the Online Sale... most of your items are left UNSOLD. If this happens to you, your items are over priced or it’s a quality issue!

  • Price High – Hot Items, OUTDOOR TOYS!!!!! Premium brands, more features, deluxe models or there something special & extra about the item

  • ALWAYS Choose MARKDOWN: ALWAYS! Our 50% Sale draws big crowds. When priced right (see guide) items will $ELL fast. If you over price, choosing Markdown will adjust your price and your item will probably sell. Not choosing markdown is the biggest rookie mistake we see. You’ve done the work so give your items every chance to sell

  • We are trusting in you to thoroughly check your items and customers will be trusting us all by buying without inspecting themselves. Please ONLY consign your BEST!


The following items cannot be sold at our Online Sale;

  • Recalled merchandise
  • Bath rings
  • Bathing Suits over size 6
  • Drop-side cribs, cribs older than two years or cribs without warranties/instructions attached
  • Breast pumps and soothers
  • Used car seats and car booster seats
  • Dirty toys, clothing, baby gear or furniture…dirty anything!
  • Outdated or clothing with holes, stains, tears, missing buttons, broken zippers or snaps, etc...
  • Clothing or merchandise that smells of any odour because it has not recently been washed or cleaned
  • Clothing that has pet hair on it
  • Under garments unless brand new
  • Battery operated items without batteries or exploded/leaking batteries
  • Plastic baby bottles, sippy cups etc unless BPA free is clearly labeled
  • VHS tapes and Computer software
  • Bike helmets unless brand new
  • Any equipment that is not CSA approved, dated and is not in excellent condition. Equipment that is smelly.
  • Personal items like a jock strap or mouth guards
  • Just For Mom Stuff: Knicknacks, used small/big appliances, undergarments, outdated or out of style clothing. All women's clothing is subject to the same quality standards as kids clothing.

When in doubt… ask for advice in your Facebook Sellers ONLY group

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