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Are you too busy to get all the items your kids have outgrown/outplayed ready for the sale?


The BP Service is an excellent way for you to participate in our Online Sale if you don’t have time to take pictures of your items and add them into your inventory.

  • Consignors using the BP Service earn 35% of what their items sell for and up to 50% if they book any volunteer shifts to help out. BP Consignors will still be charged the $15 registration fee

  • BP Consignors drop-off their freshly laundered and folded clothing and cleaned toys and other items to their assigned BP Rep. Items NOT freshly laundered or properly cleaned will NOT be added to inventory and will need to be promptly picked up. It is NOT the BP Reps job to clean dirty items or wash smelly clothing!

  • BP Consignors will pay their BP Rep a $25 deposit when they drop off their items. This deposit is non-refundable! The deposit will be deducted from your BP Reps earnings after the sale is over. 

  • The Consignor is responsible for communicating to the BP Rep any items that require special pricing. For Example: A $200 stroller that the Consignor wants priced no less than $75 etc

  • BP Consignors need to change the password for your account to: bpservice + your first name. For example: bpservicemelissa. This will allow your BP Rep to access your account and tag all your items for you

  • All BP Consignors will pick-up items from their BP Rep when items are ready. The BP Consignor is responsible for dropping off their Consignor Agreement and ALL SOLD items during Consignor Drop Off

  • Consignors using the BP Service still need to book a drop-off time to drop off SOLD items

  • BP Consignors will still receive an appropriate Pre-Sale EXTRAVAGANZA pass.


  • Your BP Representatives will earn 25% override on each item they add to your inventory and is SOLD

  • Your BP Rep will quickly “spot check” inspect items BEFORE you leave to ensure items are suitable for the sale. The BP Consignor MUST have a min of 20 acceptable items or a min of a $100 value on the items in order for this service to be used

  • Your BP Rep will inspect each item and follow OGOP’S Inspection policy. Rejected items are placed to the side for you to pick-up when your items have been entered into your inventory with pictures. The BP Rep will review rejected items with you

  • Your BP Rep will bag/tag your items so you can easily grab and drop off your SOLD items. Please note - you will still need to print off a SOLD LIST and SOLD tags. SOLD tags have the items number and shopper code on them and need to be attached to each item sold

  • Your BP Rep will determine the price of each item unless otherwise indicated by you, price, bag and tag (item number only) each item

  • Your BP Rep will email you when your items are ready to be picked-up. Please pick-up your items ASAP

  • OGOP will pay all BP Reps and deduct appropriate amounts from your cheque

Please note that the BP Rep will try to provide bags your clothing bundles and items but this is not always possible. Please provide your BP rep with appropriate amount of grocery bags for your items

If you have any questions or would like to request the BP Service, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Consignors Corner

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